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Monday, June 07, 2004

Whew... Been working in Fremont on weekends.. YEA!!! Love the neighborhood and people, and feel like I fit in there. Going to get the volkswagen bug working this month, and then park the mustang for some serious restoration work. The yard is getting better, garden and lots of plants. I feel good here, though I miss my family alot. ... Just typed out a gripe about political emails that I recieve, (then wiped it out). Please, dont send me your political viewpoint!!!! Everybody has thier own, and most are not that interesting, just anoying. Mateo's younger bro just assisted in having a little girl. That makes 14 nieces and nephews between us. Aiclen, or something like that, is what her name might be. They have yet to decide on the final answer. Mateo is busy with school finals, and I am planning the summer gay/lesbian pride party for Clallam County (our second) And thats it for now... cheerio

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

November already... where did the year go?! the last couple weeks have been a challenge to the emotions. Alot of ups and downs, but then as I look back at the year, hmmm,,,, roller coaster gaining intensity.
Been working on my mustang recently... buying parts and slowly getting it back to origional state. My other website took alot of time to make, I learned alot, but I have not put alot of time into it for a few months. Mabey with winter arriving (with a chip on its shoulder) I will spend more time at home doing some stuff like this, and it, and such. Only time will tell.
Time to hit the sheets, G'nite

Monday, February 17, 2003

It works!!! yea, I just added this link to the yojnedoug webpage (on geocities). It needs some changing, and I want to change the layout, but it is a start. Also today, we woke up earl, chucho (our new 6 week old pug) was hungry. he slept all thru the night, for the first time, yea! then we went to the beach with Will, our friend. Round rock beach. I found about 6 good round rocks. and tonight I talked to Travis on the phone, and worked on this page and on Mateo's photos for his page. I am learning alot about web pages, with alot of help from my friends Jeff and Steve. thanks guys!!!

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